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Bart’s brush with death

March 29, 2008


    Aspartame, can be very dangerous to your Health !

    Read Below Please !

    This is what it did to my health.
    From Sept.13, 1998, until today. I have been partially disabled because of,
    ((”Aspartame” Poison))
    And it can & will destroy your ((Health)) as it did mine.

    Web sites for you to use to get more information.

    Diet Coke:





    In 1998, I was a very physical man of 60 years.

    Our daughter managed 43 properties for other people and Dorothy my wife & I worked for her. I did most of the physical maintenance on these properties, both inside and out, with their help when needed. And I needed it most of the time. They did all the paper work, showing of the apartments and cleaning hallways, lobbies and apartments for renting to new tenants. This was a total of 313 apartments, for other people. and 15 apartments which my wife and I owned.

    On Sept.13th 1998 My wife and my self was getting an apartment ready for new tenants. We were in an apartment that we owned, when I had just finished carpet cleaning the complete 3 bedroom apartment and my wife had just finished cleaning the kitchen, and the bathroom. Dorothy asked me if I would check the heater in the living room, because the tenants that had just moved out said it did not work correctly. I said yes I would look at it and would she go over to our apartment and get us a sandwich, we lived in the building next door. The apartment we were working in was a garden apartment, thus half under ground.

    (from this point forward this is information that has been told to me by my wife, friends, doctors, etc.)

    As she left to get our sandwiches, I started to check the heater, as she was going up the steps she heard a thud, that sounded like something had hit a wall. She came back into the apartment to find me laying on the floor trying to breathe. She ran out and up the stairs screaming for help.

    “Thank You God”==( for “Bay Watch”)

    Two of our tenants was on the parking lot looking into a trunk of a car. She told them that I was down, and one said he would go call 911, the other one came down to help me. Those two tenants was going fishing at 9:30 that morning , and it was now 1:30 pm that afternoon. The tenants could not agree on what bait to get and take with them. That is why they were still there. The tenant that came to help me did not know what to do, he did not have any CPR training, except what he had seen on Bay Watch, the tv show . He checked to see that my tongue was in the right place, then he started mouth to mouth, and then decided to press on my chest, and he found that he could not press me in far enough to get me to exhale, so he sat on my chest facing my feet, and bounced up and down like a grand child does on grandpa’s chest. Thus as I was told, was one of the reasons that I was able to survive

    ” What would we do without Emergency Units?”

    When the EMT’s arrived they used every thing they had to use, including shock, which was done many times there and in transit to the emergency room When in the emergency room, they continued with every thing they had, but to no avail. I was placed on life support, then after reviewing my living will, they decided to remove life support the following morning. When the Doctors came through the swinging doors of the ICU unit , I broke the restraints, sat up, removed the IV from my arm, the tubes from my throat, looked at my Doctor , and asked “when can I go home?”. This was quite a shock to the people in the unit, a dead man just sat up and asked to go home. I was in the hospital 13 days, Upon me leaving the hospital, I had to re-acquaint my self with my total surroundings, because I had lost my memory, back 15 years, I did not know my family ,my wife, my self, because that face looking back at me from the mirror, I had never seen before, I did not know where I lived, or even what town or city, or what state. As time moved on , a lot of memory has returned, but not all.

    Check Your Retirement Standings Often

    Upon the hospital issuing a bill to my insurance company, we discovered that I did not have any coverage. With some very heavy investigation, it was found that the premiums had not been paid for a long time. I retired from a very large corporation in 1986 with full paid insurance, life, medical, hospital and a substantial retirement per month. Our findings as to why the premiums were not paid are as follows. The corporation that I retired from sold to an other corp., which sold to another corp., who sold to another corp. which split and sold out as two different corps., and somewhere in all this movement I was lost in the cracks, thus no insurance, no retirement or for a better word for this “nothing”. I had chosen not to start drawing my retirement income up to this time as it would affect my tax bracket at this time.

    A Life of Hell

    We then had to sell our apartments, and our business investments to pay my medical bills which were very high. I was unable to create any income, because my heart was too weak to allow any activity, more than survival. Eat-Sleep-Pray. In the process we lost our home due to lack of money to pay our house payments.

    In June 1999 I returned to the hospital, with more heart related problems, upon monitoring my heart they decided to place me on more medicine to help my heart with it’s rhythm. In Dec. 1999 they decided to place me on a sleep-apnea machine to help me. Then later on, about Feb.2000, I went back in for a check up , and they decided to increase my medicine, to help get a better heart beat..

    From this death experience I have many things that are not correct, I have since lost 90% of the vision in my right eye. I had problems with my liver, my heart is in need of medicine increases, constantly.

    In November 2003,they decided to try a new procedure on my heart. This procedure consisted of placing electrodes in my heart and check for the electric short, and then burn it to take it out of service. But when they tried to check for one, they discovered many, because my heart lit up like a neon sign. They then tried to burn one, and my heart stopped. They all worked very in tune, and started my heart again. So they aborted that method of help for my heart. They chose to install, An Implantable Cardio Defibrillator (ICD) So on Dec 1st. 2003 That was done.

    After installing the unit in my heart and shoulder, they decided to stop my daily dose of medication completely starting on the day that I went home. Two days after I was home the unit shocked me with 800 volts in the heart. I called in for help as for what to do, because this was a very scary experience. This was on Sat. so there was only the cardiologist on call and he said go back to my dosage of before and then contact my regular heart doctor on Mon. I did just that and he put me back on the medication I was taking and they reset the ICD to my condition, it was still set on a generic setting from the manufactures. Thus not any where near the setting for my heart condition. (((Medical Practice WOW)))

    And they are still increasing the medicine, about every two weeks trying to solve this problem. About every two weeks the unit has to shock me to get my heart back in rhythm.

    Sun. Feb. 1st 2004 my defib unit shocked me 5 times , before the EMT,s arrived to take over, which they did. I was in the emergency room of cardiac, and cardiac progressive care, for 5 days. I am now at home, but I do not know how long before I go again,, because of my heart problems, from aspartame poison.

    Aspartame Can Kill

    Before this all started, I was trying to lose weight, by physical workouts, by consuming things that were in line with losing weight, such as sugar free products Diet Coke was my main drink, along with Power-Aid, Gator-Aid, Water. And using sugar free additives such as Equal, Nutra Sweet, ETC.

    After this happened in 1998, I was searching for answers to questions that I was asking my Doctors, and was not getting results, or relief as the case may be . My search lead me to the internet, and to a web page that told the story of aspartame, and when I had finished reading it, I knew that my problems were aspartame poison related, I discovered this information about May,2001. Thus I was still drinking Diet-Coke, but at a much smaller amount up until then, and never since . That is why my recovery on the first stay in the hospital was such a shock to the doctors, because of their lack of knowledge of what aspartame really is.

    Aspartame turns into formaldehyde when it reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit. And it was wearing off, via my liver filtering out my blood. The body was detoxing as I was in the hospital, because of lack of drinking Diet-Coke.


    The manufactures of aspartame and those who dare to push their propaganda of safety were almost able to kill me once. The government of today allows the manufacture to put that poison in our food.

    ” I Will Tell the World”
    As of today I have experienced 5 years of very severe heart damage because of aspartame poison. I now wear an Implantable Cardio Defibrillator (ICD) just to be able to stay alive. The only way the manufacturer can kill me today is cut my wires ,because that is the only way I will stop telling people what can happen to them, if they continue to use that poison. I also had severe liver problems while on aspartame. I almost didn’t survive, if you don’t tell the people the truth, there may be many who may not be as fortunate as I, and I have to live with the disability and pain the rest of my life. To whom it might concern, any person or organization, that says aspartame is safe is either completely out of touch with reality, or on the payroll of the aspartame industry. . I am proof that it can kill,, because it caused severe heart failure on my part and I almost did not survive. They actually had pulled the plug. It was 1998 when it caused me to have a severe death experience.


    Up Date Of My Life As Of (9-05-04 )

    Bart Puckett
    620 Waco Lane
    Fargo ND, 58103

    Today’s Medical Practice

    The doctors kept changing my medicine, and also increasing the amount trying to find one that would work. They decided on the Nov. 5th. 2003 to make some tests that were available. The tests were to see if it would be feasible to look at an alternative to keeping my heart working . The first test failed, the second test seemed to be ok to install an ICD, In my heart and shoulder. The unit is surgically implanted in my shoulder, and wires running from it down to my heart thru a vein. Thus it can monitor my hearts electrical impulses.

    More Practicing

    An ICD is a pacemaker and a defibrillator combined in one unit. When the heart needs help, such as it getting out of rhythm. When that happens, the defibrillator senses a need to help, thus it notifies the pacemaker to help, after a short period of help from the pacemaker, the heart may regain its rhythm, if not the defibrillator will take over and send a shock to the heart at a rate of between 600 to 800 volts thus causing the heart to rectify its self into a proper rhythm. The doctors decided to install the ICD in my heart and shoulder on Dec.1st.2003

    From Dec. 1st. until May the 9th. 911 was called 11 times and I was transported out of my home via ambulance, to the emergency room. During these periods the defibrillator shocked me a total of 38 times,600-800 volts each time and then I had a stay in the hospital every time from 1 to 5 days.

    For the 24 hours of May 9th. The defibrillator asked the pacemaker for help 183 times and that was not enough so the defib, shocked me with 800 volts, 10 times. So on May 10th.the doctors decided to change my medicines. From then until now the defibrillator has not asked the pacemaker for assistance.

    The defibrillator on July 14th.and July 19th hit me with a full shock of 800 volts both times. 911 was called both times and on the first call I was not transported because it looked as if my heart just needed a boost, but on the second call they hauled me into the emergency again. It was discovered that a medication that was prescribed to me for possible prostate problems, caused a severe change in my heart medicine causing my heart rate to go from 60 beats per minute to 268 beats per minute instantly, thus causing a death situation. If it had not been for the ICD in my heart I possibly would not be here today to write this up-date. At this point in time it seems I just might live much longer than was expected, back in 1998. I still have many of the problems that was started when this all started, but I will continue to try and get the word out to the world.

    God Bless each and everyone of you who reads this story, which would not have happened if it was not for Monsanto and all it’s non-Christian co-hearts, allowing aspartame to be placed in the food chain. Monsanto and all the corporations that manufacture aspartame, all the food manufactures that place it in their food stuffs and all wholesale and retail outlets that sell a food with aspartame in it, can not be classified as a Christian establishment, because of their CEO’s actions.

    God Bless !
    Bart Puckett
    620Waco Lane
    Fargo ND,58103

    A Silent Prayer

    Please take a moment to give thanks to all the emergency personal, every where. Mine will be especially for the all EMT’S and the ER Doctors & Nurses in the Fargo ND, and Moorhead MN. area.

    God Bless each and every one of you!

    “With God’s Help all things are possible”

    ( Up Date as of  (04-01-08)

    My visit to the pacemaker clinic a few days back revealed that my heart has not asked for help from the pacemaker since July -19th when it required the help of the defib. as I stated above. The medicine they placed me on, as of May 10th. seems to be doing what we have been trying to get done.

    I just pray that maybe the medical field will have learned from my experience that “aspartame” can cause death if not treated as it should be, treated as the poison it is and not to turn their backs on things that are, just because they are not what they want to see or to believe.

    God Bless All !